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OTP (One Time Pad) HOWTO From Dirk Rijmenants

See the PDF from Dirk Rijmenants here:

Other links to some of Dirk’s sites:

Though I plan to get a podcast out in the near future regarding OTP (One Time Pads), I thought it would be great to get this PDF from Dirk Rijmenants out there to those that don’t know what an OTP is or how OTPs work.

I find OTP’s incredibly useful, especially in the world of simplified communications.  What if I was stuck with a flip phone and wanted to securely communicate a short message with someone via SMS?  Using an OTP, one could easily encrypt a message of a few words, use the key pad to create an SMS message, then the receiver could likewise decipher the message.

More on this to come, but be sure to check out Dirk’s PDF linked at the top of this post.

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