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ALONE TV SHOW – You think: I’ll turn to God when the going gets tough… don’t count on it.

Last week, my household just finished watching season two of Alone (from the History channel).  We enjoyed the series and I think it is an eye opener of how people react when things really start getting tough.  If you have never seen the series, I will try not to spoil it for you.  Just imagine… you are alone in the woods… you have nothing but a few survival tools… you have to hunt, fish, scavenge and fight to stay alive.

So many people are self-deluded about how they will survive in such a situation.  People tend to think that they are resilient enough to make it.  Many think, “I can just rely on my skills.”  Christians tend to think, “God will take care of me, I just need faith.”  Yes, though I believe God will take care of me, it is impossibly difficult to imagine how bad things could be.

I must say, I have the utmost respect for all those that stick it out past the first couple weeks.  Then, you get into a much deeper respect for contestants as they show willpower and muster past the 30 and 45 days benchmarks.  Think about it, 45 days with no human contact.  Ever day, having to provide everything for yourself.  Boil water.  Find and prepare food.  Do everything “Alone” and without any outside help.

One of the participants, Larry Roberts, has an incredible breakthrough on day 58.  As Larry leans over a bucket on his knees, he sobs and sobs and cries out to God, “God, please help me.  I can’t do this by myself.  I need your help.” (not verbatim, but you get the idea).  He cries out repeatedly on the footage.

Catch this, don’t miss it.  It took 58 days for Larry to get to that point in his life.  It took nearly two months worth of grueling days, looking for food, creating fires day after day, eating the squander of what the wilderness left him for sustenance, and hanging by his very last thread, and finally he called out to God.

People don’t tend to want God’s help.  Alone brings us proof of it.  People will continue to try everything in their own power.  Then, when they fail, they will find another thing to try.  Then another.  Then another.  Then wallow in self-pity.  Then try something else.  God tends to come in dead last.  Only when there is no other option does one want to finally call on God.  I definitely respect Larry.  But if I could ask Larry one question, I would ask, “Larry, why did it take you so long?”  I wonder if God asks that question Himself.

Thankfully, we serve a God that doesn’t have to take us to the woods and drop us off alone to get our attention.  He can do that through our daily circumstances.  Those that think they can wait to ask God for help will most likely be severely disappointed in themselves when they discover they have let life completely slip through their hands like sand and stand before Almighty God with no Savior.  God won’t be saying, “What took you so long?”  He will be saying, “Depart from me, you that work iniquity.”

Here is one last observation about the show.  Your relationship with God does not change depending on physical proximity to other people.  Yes, I believe God designed us to be social beings.  The fact that He created male and female are example of that.  However, the one relationship that matters is the one we tend to overlook.  It is that one important relationship, that when it isn’t going well, we tend to hide and mask over and cover with the faulty relationships of this world.  The truth is, without the one important relationship with God, no other relationships can truly be held by us.  You are the same person both in the woods and out.

If you don’t learn to trust God in the midst of earthly relationships, you will probably never trust God in their absence.

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